sleepless in salem

I can't sleep tonight. Bebe is all snuggled up next to Daddy and I thought I'd might as well get up and write a bit. They were so sweet when I left them, my two beautiful people that look alike. A few hours ago while I was getting ready for bed it seemed like a great idea to chop on my hair. I've been wanting to cut it every since I had Plum but I just haven't been able to find the time or bring myself to spend the money on a haircut I probably will hate anyway. Right after I had her it was all falling out and now she's pulling it out so I just wear it up in an unwashed-for-two-weeks ugly ponytail;) You think I'm joking about the two weeks. I guess I've been letting myself go. Anyway, off came 4 inches. Of course I didn't get it even and it's funny looking. Rem said he cut it straight across in back tomorrow night. What a guy! I just wish I could be more put-together or hip or something. I wish I could look like my friend Megan. She's so cool. I'm just an old mom with dirty hair.


  1. Oh silly girl-- you could be bald and missing an ear and you'd be amazingly beautiful!! You are not an old Mom . . . Hate to break it to you, but you are definitely a MILF!!! :)
    lovelovelove you!!

  2. Okay, I'm glad you put in the picture of Barbie 'cause she IS NOT the epitome of beautiful womanhood. On the other hand, a mom with her hair pulled up in a ponytail and holding her sweet little baby IS the epitome of beautiful womanhood. Dont' forget that your family and friends all know how beautiful you really are...

  3. I think I wore the same sweatpants for at least 2 weeks after Gage was born. I know how ya feel. Isn't it hard to think of anything but your new baby or rather the sole being your world now revolves around? I remember telling one of my aunts about a week after Gage was born that I hadn't gotten dressed or felt the need to in a while...and she thought it was wierd - then I thought I was weird. Looking back..I think it's pretty un-wierd.
    Love ya!
    AND Just so you know...You are the most beautiful new mom I have EVER seen. I am not just saying that either.