I heart countertops

The countertops are almost done...and they are so beautiful! Bob crafted a plywood edge for us that makes them so unique! The formica ended up looking a lot like metal, which was exactly what we wanted. They are so modern and cool and....just perfect I think.


Furry Update

More cute pics of the kids....

Rigby fishing with us near Lake Detroit

What happened to my legs? They were there earlier... Oh well..zzzzzzzzzzzz....

Typical morning at our house.
3/4 bed=animals
1/4 bed=Sarah

Fishing on the North Santiam and Hanging out on the deck...life is good!!!!

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Long time, no post

So I've obviously been slacking on the blog. I have no excuse other than we've been really pushing forward on The Kitchen (it deserves to be capitol I believe) and other minor house projects. I've also been painting the upstairs living room/dining room. I'll upload some new pictures to our picassa albums of the progress soon.

The other big event (and more fun that working on the kitchen!:) was a visit from the Parents in late June. They came out and stayed for almost 2 weeks. It was wonderful! We had so much fun, although it's never long enough. Jeremy and I both got our fishing licenses while they were here and we all tried our hand at fishing. We all caught at least one fish while they were here but not without effort;) We still have to find all the good fishing spots as I know they abound here but the Tiller-Holman's (Sarah and Jeremy) are newbies at finding them. We camped at the end of my parents visit in the Detroit Lake area. We found a beautiful campground that was right on the North Santiam River and camped under huge douglas firs. We had the best time! Thanks so much for coming to visit us!