Brainy Babies

Bebe and I adventured out into the world of library storytime this Wednesday...and with the exception of her being slightly scared and crying off and on, and me sweating from being out in a "social situation' for the first time in months, we had a great time;) Our local library has a Brainy Babies bilingual storytime. Hearing multiple languages in the first year of life is supposed to be good for their brain development, although with her daddy's genes she'll probably being a frickin' genius anyway:) I also thought maybe, what, with my 4 years of Spanish I might be even able to understand the children's stories since I can't understand Telemundo to save my life. Not so much the case but I did relearn the lyrics to the Itsy Bitsy Spider. They incorporated music in between the stories which they sang in both Spanish and English. For a first time mother who's never been exposed to this whole new world, it was kind of a strange experience. Lots of kids (most older than Bebe) crawling and running and motating around. What amazing chaos to be in a room full of little ones. Just a little glimpse into what's in store over the next years.

Good night all and sleep tight. Here's a pic of Plum and Pops:)


  1. What an adventure! Sounds like lots of fun and especially as Bebe gets a month or two older and notices some of the babies around her. Here's to many more adventures...

  2. It won't be too long before Bebe will enjoy seeing other little people like herself...plus these outings provide an opportunity for you to meet other moms and children. There have been times I've ventured into our local library in the middle of a children's event, lingered to watch, and wished that I had a grandchild with me to enjoy the "amazing chaos."

    Love the latest pics!

  3. LOVE the little "sketelon" outfit. I have seen it in other pictures and am charmed by it every time! What a sweet little spook!