Some Grape Hyacinth that came up in the back yard.

The wee garden

I put in a strawberry bed (50 plants) yesterday. Hopefully they'll take. The first thing I did when I got up was run out to see how they made it through the night! I feel like a new mom:) I also hand-tilled our little garden spot along the fence in the back yard and plan to mix in compost today and plant my artichoke starts.


I'm not sure what kind of bush this is yet, but it's starting to bloom in our front yard. Anyone know?

Notice anything unusual in this picture of our house? Okay, here's a hint for you....do you see the shadows on the driveway? We forgot what it's called since we haven't seen it for so long, but this crazy-bright, shiny orb is burning in the sky. Spring is finally here to stay! And thank goddess because, as I've told some of you already, one more week of rain and I was about to throw myself in the street in front of an SUV. I'm kidding...mostly. Jeremy has already had to mow the lawn twice, and I got out last weekend and pruned all our bushes and gave the boxwood hedge it's spring haircut. I also got our garden started yesterday. I forgot how good spring feels after going through winter. It makes you feel so alive!