My Big Girl

It seems like time is just flying by. The old adage is true that time flies when you're having fun...and we are definitely having the time of our lives with our Plum. My baby is getting so big! I was just looking at *old* pictures...*way* back when she was just in her first month...and I literally sat here at the computer crying just looking at how tiny and fragile she was. It seems like we brought her home just yesterday and yet it seems like she's always been with me.

The pictures above are of her in her new Christmas high chair. The amber teething necklace was also a gift from Mom. I hope it helps; those toofs are definitely trying to make their way into the world. Although we had a gigantic snow and ice storm which prevented us from traveling to Grandma and Grandpa H's for Christmas, we still enjoyed a super-cozy and very special first Christmas snowed in, just our little family. Now that the weather has subsided we'll be celebrating with the grandparents H this coming weekend. It's kinda fun; we get Christmas extended this year! The holidays will continue as grandparents T are coming mid-January. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy and lucky and blessed right now... so on that note I think I'm going to climb into bed next to my loves and hold this feeling in my heart. Good night, sweet friends.