Plum @ 4.5 months:)

I know everyone isn't on our YouTube account so I'm posting this here, too. If you want to be added to our account so you receive our video updates, shoot me an email and I'll send you an invitation. You actually have to go in and create your own account to be able to access our videos. Sort of a pain in the arse, so I apologize in advance. *sorry!*

Another giveaway

I can't get enough of these lately. I am new the the Mama Blogosphere and had no idea how many giveaways were out there for website promotion. Here's another great one, this time for cloth dipes. It's the same as the carrier giveaways; you just need to post a comment to win. Go to Kelly's Closet to enter. Good luck!




I thought this was a really cool idea! How to make a Momsicle.


Will Blog for Baby Carrier

Since having Plum, something I would say that I couldn't live without are my baby carriers. I currently have two that I use regularly, a Yamo SSC (soft structured carrier) and a Babyhawk mei tai. To find out more check out The Baby Wearer, which is a really good resource for learning more about babywearing. They also have an FSOT where I bought my Yamo and got a grrrreat deal on it. This week is National Babywearing Week and several websites are giving away free carriers in honor. To my two prego friends out there, you can register to win on the following blogs by just posting a comment. You can also do other things to increase your odds of winning (like blogging about their contests;) To my not-prego friends and family, feel free to register and give it to us if you win! Lol...couldn't resist:) I haven't tried any of these carriers out, though both the Beco and Ergo have good reviews and are similar to the SSC that I have. I was considering both of them and would still love to have one. One thing that's really cool about the Beco and Ergo is that they have an infant insert (it's built into the Beco) that allows you to put the baby in the carrier before putting her on your back. The Beco even touts that you can pass the carrier back and forth between wearers without removing baby. Some of the many benefits of these types of carriers are being able to carry your LO on both your front and back, walk comfortably with them for extended periods of time, cook or do chores with them on your back. Many, like the Yamo I have, is good until baby reaches 40 lbs. Another nice benefit is discrete breastfeeding, although I will attest that it does take some practice! Many folks say that a ring sling works best for bfing but I have yet to try one out. Here are the following websites to register on.

Thrifty & Chic Mom is giving away a Beco Butterfly 1.0 carrier.
NW Mom Finds is giving away an Ergo.
Rookie Moms is giving away a Scootababy.

Peace & Good luck!


Playing catch up

I haven't posted for awhile but I promise we're all well and happy. I feel like I've been floating in my little Plum world, just us, filling our days with figuring this whole thing out and becoming a family. The weather hear has turned and the rainy season is upon us. We had our first day of Sun today since November began I think, and oh was it lovely! Since Plum turned a couple months old we started back on our walks together and have been walking at least 4 or 5 miles a day. I've been determined to keep it up rain or shine and so far the weather's only kept us home for a couple days. We both enjoy it so much and Plum ends up taking her morning nap during the latter half of our walk in her carrier. I also recently purchased the world's largest (and brightest-green-just-try-to-stop-me-from-walking) umbrella to hopefully keep us dry. I put her in the carrier on my front and then button her up in my sweater or jacket to keep her warm. It's an awesome setup. She gets her nap (and gets to be snuggled up against me) and I get my workout! I just read an awesome article called Urban Hikes in this issue of my new favorite magazine, Mothering, and it reminded me of us; and how I hope we'll keep up this pleasant routine.

In other Plum news, we had our 4-month checkup on Monday. Can you believe it's been 4 months? And now for the statistics for those of you who like that sort of thing;)

Weight: 13 lbs, 10.5 oz (38th %)
Height: 25 3/4 (88th %)
Head Circum. 40 1/4 (22th %)

This week baby girl has become very interested in feeling textures and has discovered her very interesting and amazing feet. She's also picked out a seemingly favorite toy, a hand-knit bunny from her Auntie, which she picked up by herself this week...and of course bunny immediately goes right in the mouth. Bunny tastes sooo good!

We also had some great news today. My parents will be coming to visit us on January 10th of next year. Yay! We're so excited for their visit and happy that we'll get to celebrate a late holiday together. I was feeling pretty bummed out as we'd decided we couldn't make it back for Christmas since we just spent a big $$$ chunk insulating the money pit....errhm..I mean...house..;)

And now for the bad news..Great Grandma D is in the hospital again. She fell today and cracked her pelvis. As awful as it sounds, apparently the doctor felt that it was akin to breaking a rib and that it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. Please send some good thoughts her way! Knowing this woman, with her strong spirit and optimism, she'll be back in the saddle in no time.