And then there where three...

I'm back! And here she is...our beautiful little girl. What an amazing journey the past 3 months have been. As I'm sure you know, we welcomed our new little Plum into our lives on July 4th. I can't even begin to explain how amazing these last months have been other than to say that this has been the best and most beautiful time of my life. I've learned so much and feel so blessed that this sweet little girl has chosen me and changed my life forever. I am so in love with this tiny person, this sweet pudding dreamgirl firefly pancake...who is only all of my very best parts.

I was induced because of preeclamsia which was a pretty wild start and certainly not how I was expecting it to go down but considering the birth went really smoothly. Poor Plum did get off to a rough start and had trouble eating her mommy snacks for the first 6 weeks but by now everything is going just great. It's late and Daddy and Plum are already asleep on the couch but I just wanted to shoot off a quick hello and post a couple pictures. I'll write more soon.


Plum and Daddy

Plum in her Peanut Shell

The new family:):):)


  1. And what a beautiful Plum she is!

  2. She's Princess Plum, if you please...and has been a real beauty since Day One! I just love the black and white photos of her. They're exceptionally good...but then, so is the subject!