I just found something sweet:)


Brainy Babies

Bebe and I adventured out into the world of library storytime this Wednesday...and with the exception of her being slightly scared and crying off and on, and me sweating from being out in a "social situation' for the first time in months, we had a great time;) Our local library has a Brainy Babies bilingual storytime. Hearing multiple languages in the first year of life is supposed to be good for their brain development, although with her daddy's genes she'll probably being a frickin' genius anyway:) I also thought maybe, what, with my 4 years of Spanish I might be even able to understand the children's stories since I can't understand Telemundo to save my life. Not so much the case but I did relearn the lyrics to the Itsy Bitsy Spider. They incorporated music in between the stories which they sang in both Spanish and English. For a first time mother who's never been exposed to this whole new world, it was kind of a strange experience. Lots of kids (most older than Bebe) crawling and running and motating around. What amazing chaos to be in a room full of little ones. Just a little glimpse into what's in store over the next years.

Good night all and sleep tight. Here's a pic of Plum and Pops:)


And I wax nostalgic

Last weekend was perfect. Every since I got pregnant, I've been thinking back to my childhood with happy thoughts. Even more so now that Plum is here. We went out to a U-pick farm on Saturday to pick tomatoes. The season is almost over and I just wanted a few more 'real' tomatoes in my belly. This farm was so much like where I grew up. It looked the same with a big, beautiful garden and chickens making there clucky-sweet chicken noises. We chatted with the farmers who were really nice people and called each other Mom and Dad. We paid for our produce in a box by a scale where you weighed it yourself and just put in the right amount. Before we left the woman told me to make sure and make lots of memories with our new daughter. We ended up picking 7 pounds of tomatoes and several pounds of grapes. The next day we made and canned salsa and ended up with 12 jars that we felt so proud of.

Salsa Man

The new Mei Tai carrier works great for cooking!

Our only picture from the farm

gratuitous cute baby pic for grandparents;)

sleepless in salem

I can't sleep tonight. Bebe is all snuggled up next to Daddy and I thought I'd might as well get up and write a bit. They were so sweet when I left them, my two beautiful people that look alike. A few hours ago while I was getting ready for bed it seemed like a great idea to chop on my hair. I've been wanting to cut it every since I had Plum but I just haven't been able to find the time or bring myself to spend the money on a haircut I probably will hate anyway. Right after I had her it was all falling out and now she's pulling it out so I just wear it up in an unwashed-for-two-weeks ugly ponytail;) You think I'm joking about the two weeks. I guess I've been letting myself go. Anyway, off came 4 inches. Of course I didn't get it even and it's funny looking. Rem said he cut it straight across in back tomorrow night. What a guy! I just wish I could be more put-together or hip or something. I wish I could look like my friend Megan. She's so cool. I'm just an old mom with dirty hair.