Cabinets installed!

The kitchen cabinets are officially attached to the walls, whew! There are pictures posted in the Picasa "Kitchen Remodel" web album.


Picassa Web Albums

Check out our web albums...click on the Picassa web albums link in the upper right corner:) We have all our kitchen remodel photos uploaded for your viewing pleasure.


Kitchen Remodel

As many of you know, we've been remodeling our kitchen pretty much since we moved in to our old house. It's finally really feeling like we've made progress! For a long time it felt like it was getting worse and worse and now, finally, we're seeing all our hard work begin to look like what we intended it to. As with old homes, it seemed like everything we did opened up a new can of worms and every step we tried to take forward was really two steps backward. We gutted the kitchen, took out all the old cabinets, floor, removed wallpaper, took out partial walls and updated the electricity. We cut a window in the wall to open up the kitchen to the living room and let in light and open up the space. This required bracing the ceiling in the attic so that the wall between the living and kitchen would remain structurally sound. We closed the walls back up with new drywall, put in a new floor, new appliances, new can lighting and a track lighting fixture. We're now in the process of hanging the new cabinets which we purchased from Ikea. It's been an insane, wild ride but most of all an amazing learning experience. At times we've felt like our lives were a big mess due to the big mess that has been our kitchen for so long; at other times it's made us feel like we could do anything that we set our minds to. And now for the important part; every time I used the word we in this paragraph, that "we" includes Mom and Dad Holman who have provided us so much help throughout this process. Not only have they spent many many weekends working their butts off making this dream happen for us, but they've provided us with sage advice, mentorship and moral support. If it wasn't for their experience and know how there is no way we would have attempted to do this on our own. And if it wasn't for their kind words and encouragement we never would have made it this far without mental breakdowns:)