Quick update

Just wanted to post a few quick pictures since it's been awhile! We've been a little lazy about taking belly pictures. I'll be 31 weeks this Thursday.

We also celebrated Jeremy's 31st birthday April 27th. We had dinner with Grandma Dell and his parents the weekend before and then just he and I celebrated on his b-day. I finally managed to make a purdy b-day cake so I have to include a gratuitous pic of that since my baking skills are hit or miss;)

The cake and some photoshop pop art I made J.

My baby's daddy. Isn't he amazing? I love this beautiful person so much it hurts sometimes.


  1. Happy late B-day Jeremy!

    Sarah I love how the wood in the background of your first picture mirrors your growing baby belly!

  2. The birthday cake looks like it was a baking triumph...the pop art also look great! And yeah, I'd have to agree with your comments about the daddy-to-be...but then, I've been pretty prejudiced in that area for a little over 31 years...

    Happy Mother's Day this coming Sunday...as mommy-to-be of that little belly bundle.

  3. You still look so tiny to me! Absolutely beautiful!!! Love you guys.

  4. Look at that gorgeous belly!!!