28 weeks

Not pregnant......

and preeeeeeegnant! A little perspective changes everything. Am I really going to get bigger than this? Is it possible? What did I sign up for???!!! :)
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  1. The answers are: Yes, yes, and a lifetime commitment ;o) Pregnancy doesn't seem like such a big deal until you're going through it, and then, as the months go by, there are soooo many changes, physically and emotionally and every other way. You look wonderful, though...just right for 28 weeks.

  2. You are ALL baby and you look so good!
    And what? Only 91 days left?!
    To those of us who are not pregnant (well me anyways) it seems to be going by really fast! I'm sure you don't feel that way though!

  3. You look STUNNING!!! And I love that Bast is admiring your beauty in the first picture! :)