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Since having Plum, something I would say that I couldn't live without are my baby carriers. I currently have two that I use regularly, a Yamo SSC (soft structured carrier) and a Babyhawk mei tai. To find out more check out The Baby Wearer, which is a really good resource for learning more about babywearing. They also have an FSOT where I bought my Yamo and got a grrrreat deal on it. This week is National Babywearing Week and several websites are giving away free carriers in honor. To my two prego friends out there, you can register to win on the following blogs by just posting a comment. You can also do other things to increase your odds of winning (like blogging about their contests;) To my not-prego friends and family, feel free to register and give it to us if you win! Lol...couldn't resist:) I haven't tried any of these carriers out, though both the Beco and Ergo have good reviews and are similar to the SSC that I have. I was considering both of them and would still love to have one. One thing that's really cool about the Beco and Ergo is that they have an infant insert (it's built into the Beco) that allows you to put the baby in the carrier before putting her on your back. The Beco even touts that you can pass the carrier back and forth between wearers without removing baby. Some of the many benefits of these types of carriers are being able to carry your LO on both your front and back, walk comfortably with them for extended periods of time, cook or do chores with them on your back. Many, like the Yamo I have, is good until baby reaches 40 lbs. Another nice benefit is discrete breastfeeding, although I will attest that it does take some practice! Many folks say that a ring sling works best for bfing but I have yet to try one out. Here are the following websites to register on.

Thrifty & Chic Mom is giving away a Beco Butterfly 1.0 carrier.
NW Mom Finds is giving away an Ergo.
Rookie Moms is giving away a Scootababy.

Peace & Good luck!

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  1. Isn't baby-wearing just the greatest?! Not only is baby attached to you, but it allows you some hands-free time, too.