Belly Shot: 17 Weeks!

We've reached 17 weeks! It's been a pretty exciting past couple weeks for us. I will start with the best news first. Last Friday I went into the doctor to have blood drawn for the quad-screen. This is the test where they check your blood for the certain substances and can then determine the chances of your baby having a neural tube defect like spina bifida or anencephaly or a chromosomal defect like Down Syndrome or Edwards Syndrome. My blood screen came back showing that our baby had almost no chance of having any of these problems. Needless to say, we're very relieved.

The other thing that happened this week is that I have started to feel the baby moving. It's just a slight fluttering at this point and I've only felt it a few times, but it was so exciting! I'm also getting my bump so here are some pictures for those of you who won't get to see see my pregnancy in person.

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  1. We're so happy to hear the good results from your quad-screen! All these tests go a long way toward putting expectant parents' minds at ease, which is a very good thing. Also very exciting to feel baby's movement for the first time (even though you've witnessed it via ultrasound).

    Keep up the good work...it's hard to believe that you're quickly approaching the half-way mark! ;o)

  2. Awwww...what a cute belly shot! Aren't the little wiggles cool? Won't be long before there are some serious kicks and pokes!

  3. We are thankful that your blood tests came back and that it will ease your minds. Feeling that first flutter is so exciting and it makes it seem all the more real,even though you have seen the ultrasound and heard your baby's heartbeat. When the first pushes with knees and elbows happen Jeremy will be able to feel it too and that is so exciting. What a miracle this birthing experience is.
    I can't wait to see that little tummy in person.

  4. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!