18 weeks

Well, I'm 18 weeks and popping out of my clothes! The fun continues! Maybe that shouldn't have an explanation point after it;) We had our monthly doctor's appointment yesterday and everything looked good. The doctor found the heartbeat with no trouble this time, so no emergency ultrasound:) Yay! I've had a cold for a week and half that I can't seem to knock and although I haven't been feeling horrible the doctor felt it was a sinus infection that might hang on for a long time and prescribed an antibiotic. I'm up with a nasty cough tonight as you can see by the timestamp, so hopefully the drugs will kick in and knock this infection out. There was also a slight mix-up with the ultrasound so we didn't have it yesterday when we went into the doctor. I wanted to mention this since I've been telling everybody that we find out if it's a boy or a girl this week! We'll have to wait a little longer. I guess we were supposed to schedule the ultrasound and we thought that the doctor's office scheduled it, which they did last time because it was an "emergency". Anyway, I'm actually kind of excited that it's postponed because my mom is coming to visit next week and now she'll get to be here for it! Check out my chubby belly pics and take special note of the background, which is our new nursery color. Love you all! Have a great night!


  1. Great color! I think the wee one will be very relaxed and comfortable in this room....Love the "tummy" pics.

  2. I hope the antibiotic helps with your cough. I did look at your time stamp and felt sorry for you being up at that hour of the morning. It's especially hard when you're pregnant because you're unable to take so many of the things that would ease your coughing during the night. Baby Holman is probably wondering what all the ruckus (i.e.,coughing) is about!

    The nursery color looks lovely...a soothing color found in nature, like the Oregon sky.

  3. I love the color you picked. You look great by the way!
    I hope you are feeling better. :(
    Love you!