A memorable Summer

We did get a chance to do a couple things besides work on the *$%^$@#$! kitchen this summer. In September, we took a wonderful trip back to Iowa to visit the family. We were there for almost two weeks and had such a relaxing vacation. It was exactly what we needed. We did some trout fishing and got to be there to celebrate both my parents birthdays. We caught up with a lot of family and friends. And of course, no visit to Iowa would be complete without a family picnic. A special thanks to my parents and the Firman's for putting it together and to all the family for coming. We had so much fun!

Another summer highlight was seeing two of my best friends.

While we were back in Iowa, we visited Tracy Merkel and her fiance, Matt, in Cedar Rapids. We only stayed one night but it was great to catch up. We got to see their new house and Tracy and I had a chance to discuss her upcoming wedding (summer 2008).

I also took a solo trip to D.C. to visit my friend Megan a week after getting back from Iowa. I hadn't been to D.C. before so we went to the capitol and saw some of the sights. I have to say that my favorite was the Vietnam Memorial. It was very moving. I think it was even more poignant to me since we are now in another horrific war with no end in sight. It was fun being in the city and it was so great to see Megan. She's one of those friends where, no matter how long your apart, when your together it's as if not a day has passed.


  1. I love the slideshows you set up for this posting...even though I've seen the pictures, it's great fun to see them all again.

  2. I know the wonderful breathtaking energyizing feeling the ocean gives you---it's like no other!!!! I want to feel that again!And i will i swear i will some day get back there! When i came back from Florida being with Dirk and the girls that feeling stayed with me for weeks! Just on cloud nine.
    I loved it!!!
    Having the great friends you had and still have there made it so easy to put up with the cons of Florida too such as the HOTNESS--ugh,having to stay indoors with the air on. Salem has it's pros and cons too and with Salem the cons will also be overlooked when things start picking up which they will and you are going to love it so much. Not only jobs bring friends and events into your life but kids especially do! This exciting new adventure your on with your new home and your bundle of joy will take you to an unimaginable life. You will be so busy and loving every minute of it!! So for right now, while it's calm, remember,that's a good thing too, enjoy it absorb, it embrace, it because this too will change.
    Every stage in life is an experience like no other. You've got the world in your hands!!!
    It is a wonderful life!!!!
    Now go out back,close your eyes, reach for the sky with a smile as big as can be and yell YAHOOO! I think i'm going to go do that right now :)
    I love you very very much!!!!!!!!
    Aunt Janise