I heart countertops

The countertops are almost done...and they are so beautiful! Bob crafted a plywood edge for us that makes them so unique! The formica ended up looking a lot like metal, which was exactly what we wanted. They are so modern and cool and....just perfect I think.


  1. It's starting to look like a kitchen! It will be just gorgeous and worth every bit of trouble!

  2. Hey, maybe working on the kitchen remodel all these many months is not necessarily a bad thing...it allowed you to make some of the design decisions as you progressed, rather than having to pick out the finish materials all at once. And now it's all coming together—and beautifully!

    [~Sigh~] Only 23 more coats of varnish (+ sanding) on the edges to go....just kidding...;o)

  3. The countertops are so beautiful. All worth the labor of love. And so many thanks to Karen and Bob for their hard work too....It will be so much fun to create in your new kitchen all those delicious meals that you've managed on the grill this summer. It does make you appreciate all the extras when you go without for awhile.... Soon the baking will begin.

  4. Your kitchen is turning out awesome! It's sort of like reading a good book and wanting to get a sneak peak at the last chapter. I'm sure you can't wait until it's done!
    We can't wait to see you guys!!