Just a quick comment on coffee and the PNW. People seem to take their coffee pretty seriously here. And what's with everyone asking you if you want a straw in your hot coffee? I've never been anywhere where people where so obsessed with straws in hot beverages? Is it just for stirring or to some people like to sip their hot beverage through a straw? Am I missing out?

There is a coffee shop on practically every corner even in Salem, which is not the cultural center of the universe by all means. Even if you're driving out in the middle of nowhere, eureka, coffee shop. Town of 30 people. Coffee shop. Or at least a drive thru coffee hut. I'm not complaining because coffee is on my list of favorite things in life. Anyway, Tracey and I were discussing this and I think we came to a basic agreement that it has something to do with the rain and the slight depression that sets in mid-winter and how coffee really gives you the extra punch you need to get through the cold, rainy mornings. I know I've been drinking a little more coffee since I moved here. Jeremy says it's a cold climate thing, but it's not as cold here as say the NE and look how much bigger coffee is here. I have to disagree. I think it's the rain.

With the many options to choose from in Oregon, I have felt the need to branch out. So far my absolute favorite is Java Crew. Their coffee is so good! Honestly, it's so good that after a year of Salem's coffee diversity, I can hardly drink a Starbucks coffee anymore. It's is second so far only to my husband's mad-coffee-making skills. Jeremy's is also my favorite because it doesn't cost $3 a cup and a girl's gotta budget. What's your favorite?
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  1. Mmmmmm...coffee! Although I am no longer current with the PNW coffee scene, I just LOVED Boyds when I was working for the City of Portland. I really missed Coffee People coffee when the only thing in the Midwest was Starbucks or indie, but now that we have Caribou (and only a couple of blocks away), I am content. :o)

  2. My favorite coffee drink is a vanilla latte from "Coffee's On"...but the "Seattle's Best" coffee shop in our local Borders is also very good. And I must say that Caribou Coffee (out of Mpls region) is also very good...their Caribou bars are favorites of mine, too.

    I think sipping a hot drink (coffee, tea, etc.) goes right along with reading, another favorite PNW pastime...definitely has something to do with rainy, gloomy days. Light the fire in the fireplace!!

  3. Thanks for the kind words about Java Crew. Always here to make your day a little better! :)