Notice anything unusual in this picture of our house? Okay, here's a hint for you....do you see the shadows on the driveway? We forgot what it's called since we haven't seen it for so long, but this crazy-bright, shiny orb is burning in the sky. Spring is finally here to stay! And thank goddess because, as I've told some of you already, one more week of rain and I was about to throw myself in the street in front of an SUV. I'm kidding...mostly. Jeremy has already had to mow the lawn twice, and I got out last weekend and pruned all our bushes and gave the boxwood hedge it's spring haircut. I also got our garden started yesterday. I forgot how good spring feels after going through winter. It makes you feel so alive!

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  1. Oooh, I hate to tell you, but while spring may be here to stay (warmer weather), that shiny orb will most definitely disappear again for a while...so enjoy it while it's out.